First Cohort of Fellow Council Wraps Up Two-Year Term

This month marks the end of the first cohort of the Fellow Council’s two-year tenure. We could not be more grateful for the time and energy they dedicated to the Resolution Fellow community. During their time, the Fellow Council served as sounding boards for organizational decision making, built and engaged the Fellow community, and enhanced the Fellowship for their peers.

“Resolution’s mission is built around its Fellows and the work they do to transform their communities. The members of the Fellow Council have taken their own leadership one step further in contributing to the strategy and direction of the organization so that future Fellows will find a partner in Resolution that centers and supports them.” said George Tsiatis, Resolution’s CEO and Co-Founder. 

The first cohort created the Fellow Council from the ground-up and provided invaluable input to new initiatives and improvements to the Fellowship. Their leadership helped shape the Council into what it is today and set goals for the role that their voices play in the organization. Together with the second cohort, they provided invaluable input into the creation of the Fellow Emergency Fund in January 2022 and conducted an audit of the resources on the Fellow Portal, a central website for fellow resources and information, in April 2022.

The first cohort of the Fellow Council pioneered what it means to be connected in a virtual and international community.  In August 2021, Fellow Council members held the “Africa-Rising” event, engaging Fellows on the African continent through networking and a DJ. The “SDG 3 and 5” group launched in May 2022 and continues to meet regularly. These regional and SDG group chats create a unique space that brings Fellows together, regardless of their geographic distance. In April 2022, the Fellow Council conducted a Fellow activities survey to better understand ways to  engage the Fellow community in events. 

The Fellow community is much more connected due to the work of the first cohort of the Fellow Council. Resolution is grateful for the time, care, and energy Derrius, Maria,  Marion, Nati, Saje, Stefan, Sumati, and Wandile put into laying the foundation for future Fellow Council members.