Yamikani Ng’ona

Yamikani Ng’ona

Yamikani Ng’ona




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Yamikani is poised with curbing prevailing levels of poverty and hardship in her community and the world at large. She is a team leader award winner from International Citizen Service (ICS), a UK based organization focused on community development through recruiting the youth to participate in activities to enforce education, girls empowerment, and environmental conversation. She later chaired a community-based organization that focuses on the role of youth in community building by discussing roles they can play to improved their lives. Currently, she is a MasterCard scholar pursuing an undergraduate agricultural engineering program at EARTH University, Costa Rica.During her studies she developed an interest in scientific investigations, specifically the control of pests and diseases in crops like maize. She is a co-founder of the “Together We Can Initiative”, that aims to promote youth empowerment in Malawi.