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Xiaoyue is a PhD Candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is founder and CEO of Aeo, a social venture that protects people from severe indoor air pollution in cities through smart IoT design. Her current research is in algorithms and machine learning for supply chain optimization.

Since a very young age, Xiaoyue has been working on solutions to environmental issues using engineering and technology. After Xiaoyue entered college, she witnessed how air pollution affected the health of people around her and how people had to give up work or education opportunities because of the health effects of air pollution. Air pollution in China and other areas has thus become the main focus of Xiaoyue. Xiaoyue’s design of a smart indoor air purification system won Autodesk IMA Smart Home Design Challenge in 2015. Xiaoyue wishes to push the society’s efforts in indoor air purification and combat the severe health effects of indoor air pollution across continents through her venture.