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Wuyeh Jobe comes from a township in the western part of the Gambia called Gunjur. He studied computer science at Ashesi University in Ghana. As a young African, Wuyeh finds passion in engaging in activities that improve the lives of people around him – helping his family on the farm to improve food sufficiency at home, joining a group of students from his hometown to improve education in his community, and recently starting a social venture to help improve food security in his community and country. Wuyeh see all these things as stepping stones toward creating the future he wants for himself, his country, and the world at large. He loves teamwork, traveling, exploring new concepts and ideas, computer programming (coding), and farming. He is interested in the integration of technology into agriculture, he has a passion for social entrepreneurship, and very much looking forward to the day he can actualize all these interests in the social venture he co-founded (GamFruits).