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Victoria graduated with a Bachelor (Honours) of Psychological Science in Cognition and Motor Control from the University of Queensland in Australia. Victoria has years of experience leading social initiatives in Australia, and was state manager of Live Below the Line Campaign, which raises funds for education programs in the Asia-Pacific. Her passion lies in international development in light of the creation and the pursuit of a wholly sustainable world. Her work centers around her belief that education, coupled with unity in diversity, are key to alleviating and ultimately transforming the face of humanity. As a Resolution Fellow, she received seed funding (along with Fellow Daniel Gillick) toward the venture “.blume,” which proposed developing a life-cycle solution, the “SaniDrum,” to combat sanitation and health issues impacting rural and urban poor communities in Bangalore, India.

She now works as a Referrals Officer for the Humanitarian Settlement Services for Australia’s Refugee Intake, Department of Social Services in Canberra, Australia.