Valeria Reglá


Valeria Reglá





Valeria is a 24 year old senior from Caracas, Venezuela. She began studying Liberal Arts in 2008, but went to live to Argentina for 2 years where she studied Journalism, and started, with a group of friends her first NGO which is called “Nueva Escuela”. When she moved back to Caracas, within 2 years she became the Head Delegate of her school’s Model United Nations team, and she is now completely focused on her venture Developing New Ideas, as well as having a full-time job and finishing school. She has just completed her diploma in International studies, and writes every two weeks for an online bilingual magazine called “Vice-Versa” about political events from a social and cultural view. She also has a fat cat called Gonzalo,is obsessed with everything related to the Titanic, and if she had to pick a specific cause to fight for during the rest of her life, it would be saving great white sharks from extinction.