Tunde Oyebamiji





Tunde Oyebamiji is a Medical Doctor in training at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is passionate about maternal and child health advocacy, on a mission to tackle maternal and child health injustice in Nigeria- helping mothers and giving every child a fighting chance. He is the co-founder of Project-Lend an Arm, a social venture leveraging on AI, digital technology, Internet-of-Things, and delivery drones to tackle the perennial shortage of safe blood and blood products that lead to the death of vulnerable citizens especially women and children. He is a 2018 Harvard Crossroads Emerging Leader, a Millennium
Fellow and a Commitment Maker of the Clinton Global Initiative University. Tunde is committed to ending blood-related maternal and child mortality in Africa through the establishment of a stable and responsive supply chain of safe blood and blood products and also helping to achieve 100% voluntary blood donation in Nigeria by the year 2030.

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