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Tanveer Jeewa





Tanveer Jeewa, in her final year as a Mauritian Law student at the University of Cape Town, strikes by her sparkling joie de vivre. Her crystalline laughter hides a deep and engaged mind and soul, equalled only by her untiring drive to make a positive change around her. She volunteers within her field of study, teaching high school students about their constitutional rights. At age 21, Tanveer is a human rights activist evidenced by her research papers and hands-on work experience. Her internship at the human rights organization, the Centre for Applied Legal Studies, focused on evictions and land rights, which she is passionate about. Recognition for her engagement came in August 2017 when Tanveer was selected as one of the 7 UN Delegates at the Youth Assembly to be awarded the Resolution Project Fellowship for the social venture RefRights. The RefRights concept germinated while she was volunteering at the Refugee Rights Unit, a legal organization helping refugees. Tanveer avails herself to refugees as interpreter for English/French at tribunals. In all this hard-core activism and social engagement, Tanveer’s delicate side is reflected in her hobbies: photography and poetry.