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Swetha Kotamraju is currently a student at Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she is studying biochemistry & cell biology and history. She has always been dedicated to utilizing the resources she has to help others reach their full potential. This commitment and her interest in tropical medicine led her to take the global health course that would serve as the inspiration for her team, Team Bebevoros, to create their Babymetrix Venture. Babymetrix is a unique instrument that measures the length, weight, and head circumference of children and aids in diagnosing childhood malnutrition. The Venture is currently focused on implementing Babymetrix in Malawi. Swetha hopes that Babymetrix will establish the crucial process of measuring and documenting these metrics as a routine part of healthcare in every Malawian clinic. In addition to working on her Venture, Swetha also enjoys organizing interfaith events on her campus and choreographing dance performances. She is grateful to The Resolution Project for their support and looks forward to working with them to make Babymetrix a reality.