Suzan Mutoni

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Suzan Mutoni





Suzan is an undergraduate student of Environmental Health Sciences at Makerere University School of Public Health. She is the Project coordinator of the Girls Alive Project, an initiative that breaks the major barrier to girl child education through making reusable sanitary towels and teaching menstrual hygiene. She is also the head of the Public Health Department of the BRAC Scholars’ alumni. A platform that was created to establish give back avenues through which students can solve pressing health challenges in their home areas. Susan has been involved in community based awareness campaigns, where she helped educate the rural folks about HIV, Fistula, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Family planning. During that time, she studied the Global Health Leadership curriculum, which was essential in addressing some of the health challenges that she found in the community. She has also led different student health campaigns at Makerere University; including the annual Students’ HIV Awareness campaign. Suzan has volunteered with various organizations including Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU), High Education Resource Services (HERS), Students’ Coalition for Health (SCOFOH) and Uganda Village Project, where she was exposed to working in a multicultural setting with people from different countries. Suzan has held multiple leadership roles including, serving as finance secretary of Makerere’s School of Public Health Students association, in her high school she was on the school council a committee that dealt with students’ problems. Her interests are joining Research and Academia world in addition to solving health related problems in her home district through innovations. Although Suzan is Rwandan by descent, she was born and raised from Gayaza Village, Wakiso District. She enjoys travelling, reading published articles, listening to great speakers, interacting with friends, meeting new people and building new ideas.