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Suneil Kamath





Suneil Kamath, a student at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), is passionate about business, civic engagement, and social entrepreneurship. Suneil is the founder of  Music of the Heart, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to use the power of music as a tool to promote holistic healing and music education. Music of the Heart’s main venture, Hip-Hop Education And Learning (HEAL), is an after-school program designed to help youth find their voice and empower them to make a difference in the community through hip-hop. Suneil has been recognized for his leadership and commitment to service by several organizations including Alcatel-Lucent, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, and Prudential Insurance. In his spare time, Suneil likes to catch up on TV shows, eat and try new foods, and play the violin and tennis. You can follow him on Twitter: @Suneilkamath.