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Silas Ooko Otieno (Kenyan) is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, and a fourth-year student at the United States International University- Africa, where he’s currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Directing.

Currently, he serves as a Peer Coach with the African Careers Network (ACN) and as a Millennium Campus Director at USIU-Africa with the Millennium Campus Network (MCN). Silas serves his community by actively engaging in volunteer work and leveraging his skills to initiatives that address pressing issues and foster a sense of unity through community engagement. His goal is to consistently seek meaningful opportunities to make a positive impact.

He is a Co-Founder of Eco Clean Fuel, a student-led initiative on clean fuel production from biomass. Silas is driven by a vision of a more equitable continent and is committed to making it a reality. He believes that through his studies and future endeavors, he’ll play a meaningful role in realizing his vision and creating a worthy space for the well-being of the community.