Shinina Muthiora

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Shinina Muthiora




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Shinina is interested in using the knowledge she has gained, to impact communities, through education, leadership, and technology. She was a student mentor for the Great Debaters Contest, where she taught high school students the fundamentals of debate, alongside a team. She also co-founded DebateYouth Africa, which was involved in empowering disadvantaged students to rise above hardships, in schools such as Mbagathi primary. Recently, she co-founded Soma, which is geared towards increasing access to educational resources for students that have limited internet connection. Her interest in leadership drove her to take up tasks at universities such as peer advising, professional development facilitating for theUBCMasterCardFoundationScholars and orientation facilitating. Shinina is currently an Electrical Engineering student, specializing in the biomedical option at the University of British Columbia. She hopes to use this expertise to be at the forefront of change in the healthcare systems of developing countries.