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Originally from San Francisco, Sarah Cox earned her BSBA in 2013 from the University of Miami in Health Sector Management and Policy, minoring in Mathematics and Dance. She studied with the Organization of Tropical Studies (OTS) in 2011, focusing on community perceptions of tuberculosis and infection control in the Khavhambe region, HaMakuya, South Africa. This experience prompted Sarah to co-found One Sun Health, and has inspired her to return to South Africa to expand and improve on the project each year since. From 2013-2014, she worked as a Drug Safety Coordinator and consultant for Dohmen Life Science Services. A selected PAVE Scholar, she recently completed an internship at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland in 2015. Sarah is currently pursuing her MSPH in International Health: Global Disease Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University focusing on infectious disease and vaccine science & policy.