Saje Miguel Molato




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Saje is a fresh graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, where he earned his BA in Political Science. He has long been an advocate for the youth, having initially launched a program that provided free summer classes for both public speaking and essay writing in his home province in the Philippines. He recently launched his first non-stock, non-profit NGO –Siklab Pilipinas, which aims to provide marginalized youth in the Philippines the opportunity to receive scholarships from both the private and public sector to attend major international conferences free of charge. He firmly believes in the inclusion of the youth in all matters relating to societal development. Through his social venture, The Model City Council, which provides young people the opportunity to launch projects and propose legislative action with the support of their local governments, he believes a more inclusive and sustainable future can be achieved.

Do you believe in the power of young people to change the world?

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