Saje Miguel Molato

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Saje Miguel Molato




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Saje is a social entrepreneur whose core work focuses on youth-led innovation and development, education, and public-private partnerships. He is the Founder of Model City Council, a social venture that works with local governments in the Philippines in developing stronger ecosystems for social innovation, civic participation, and entrepreneurship for young people.

His diverse work experience in the sector has covered high-level partnerships with key international organizations, national government bodies, and grassroots-level actors. Through his leadership in Siklab Pilipinas, he has managed strategic partnerships with notable organizations like The Asia Foundation, USAID, UNICEF, ING, YMCA, World Scouts, The Roddenberry Foundation, and the National Government of the Philippines, and various local government partners.

His work has received significant recognition from notable organizations such as the United Nations, The Asia Foundation, the National Youth Commission of the Philippines, Junior Chamber International, Yunus & Youth, and SDSN Youth.

He regularly speaks at local and international conferences on sustainable development, youth leadership, and the value of public-private partnerships in achieving social change.