Safali Libia


Safali Libia





Safali Libia a MasterCard scholar at Makerere University completing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He was born in 1997 in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Northern Kivu province. He became a refugee in Uganda later in 2012. In Uganda, he and his family joined the Kyangwali refugee settlement in Western Uganda. He is the firstborn of six who are all living in the Kyangwali refugee settlement in Western Uganda. He has a goal of being remembered for his positive impact in his community majorly refugee community where he believes his story begins. This has continued to push him to implement ideas to achieve his vision. Such projects include African Samaritan Helpers organization which supports disadvantaged children in Kyangwali where he featured in its starting and A Hand For A Refugee he started to uplift the welfare of all refugees through the use of modern agriculture to increase their incomes.

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