Royford Mutegi


Royford Mutegi





Royford Mutegi is a student at the Multimedia University of Kenya, pursuing BSc. Applied Physics and Computer Science. He is Co-Founder and Executive Director for Vermi-Farm Initiative LTD, which promotes an integrated waste management system by raising awareness around vermicomposting through workshops to farmers and providing additional job opportunities. Royford is a passionate mentor to primary and high school students. He has volunteered with many organizations and platforms. In recognition for his commitment by leading ethically, to deliver positive change, 2019, he has feted the honoree Individual CSR Award by Work Her Dream Organization. In 2020, Royford was nominated as the Canopy Lab Brand Ambassador in Kenya. CanopyLAB is an eLearning company based in Denmark. His responsibilities are overturning taboos on educational technologies and digital learning, spearheading access to online learning in his community, by connecting learners with the LAB’s free learning platform. He likes baking and swimming.