Reena Gupta


Reena Gupta





Reena is an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Public Policy with minors in Spanish and Women’s Studies. On campus, she leads Healthy Girls Save the World, is a co-director of Carolina United, and dances for Misconception Dance Company. She believes in a campus and a world that are committed to inclusiveness, diversity, and tolerance. She enjoys travelling to Latin America, reading, dancing, and spending quality time with inspiring people. She has a variety of passions, including international development, nonprofit management, public health, and women empowerment. In the future, she aspires to pursue a career that manifests all of her interests by advocating for women’s health and empowerment. She believes that promoting healthy bodies, minds, and relationships through Healthy Girls Save the World gives her a purpose that embodies her weaknesses, strengths, and ideals and hopes to empower all young women through HGSW.