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Raquel Granados is from a community of about 20 houses in La Teja, Honduras. From an early age she was involved in her community as a leader at church. She studied Environmental Technology at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) on a SEED (Scholarship for Educational and Economic Development) scholarship sponsored by US-AID and Georgetown University. She is the first young woman from La Teja to study abroad; Raquel has strong influence and impact in La Teja. She returned home on June 2014 and implemented her project which is Sanitary: Solution Composting Toilets and the goal is to reduce water pollution from human waste by building 22 composting toilets in her community. She believes, this project is just the beginning of La Teja development. Raquel already implemented her project and 13 families have access to a composting toilet. Currently she is working with World Vision and thanks to Resolution and her experience, now she is working as a project coordinator and a rural area where she is practicing her project manager skills. She is planning to continue study project manager on October 2016 since she wants to continue developing her community and country.