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Radha is a Harvard World MUN 2017 diplomacy award winner. Having been into public speaking for more than 2 years now, it has become an important part of how she has grown.The importance of knowing how to speak well drove her to organizeTEDxVileParle’s first edition last year.Being a mechanical engineering student, a lot of her time is spent working on technical projects-like building UAVs!However, the idea of social entrepreneurship has always been a primary interest of hers and she hopes to use the knowledge her course imparts, to help others around. Her project, Project Dakshata, aims to make the world a better place by making everyday tasks more efficient. On the quest to achieve Proficiency in Efficiency, Project Dakshata has developed its first product–The Repellaint. The Repellaint is a water proof, heat insulating and insect repelling paint for rural and urban markets!