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Prachiti Dalvi was born in Thane, Maharashtra, India—a suburb of Mumbai—and grew up in Lakeland, Florida. She fell in love with the world of scientific inquiry early on and is currently pursing a combination of biology, chemistry, and psychology at Duke University. Her interest in science drove her and her twin sister Pranali to co-found the Mobile Science Lab: Toys from Trash, an initiative to make application-based science more accessible and exciting for children living in underprivileged areas in Thane. She hopes to prove to children that science is not a subject of the “elite,” requiring high-tech laboratories and gadgets, but rather that the beauty of science lies in the fact that it surrounds us. Together, Pranali and Prachiti want to use their Resolution Fellowships to infect and change the culture of science education first in India and, eventually, around the world. In the future, Prachiti wants to pursue a career that intertwines her interests in narrative medicine, translational and clinical research, and social entrepreneurship.