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Paul Ntege





Paul Ntege was born and raised in Uganda. He is a student at Trinity College Hartford, Connecticut, and he is a MasterCard Scholar with the Akwanya Program. Paul is a beneficiary of African Dream Initiative (ADI) and an ADI Scholar. In 2008 he joined the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in Johannesburg South Africa for two years. Paul interned with various companies after leaving ALA in 2010. He worked with Equity Bank in Uganda in 2010, and in 2011, he worked with Educate Uganda, a non-profit organization that teaches entrepreneurship to Ugandan High school students. Paul also worked with Miles and Associates International, a Sports Management Consultancy running the University basketball league in Uganda.

Paul is passionate about social entrepreneurship involving youth, and he is interested in how technology can be used in agriculture to create efficient mechanism for self-sustaining, profitable agriculture in Africa. His hobbies are playing chess, cooking, and reading science journals. He loves travelling to new places and countries, and enjoys meeting new people and learning new cultures. Paul is also interested in linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, astronomy and cosmology. He hopes to major in Electrical Engineering and hopefully go to graduate school.