Oyella Gladys


Oyella Gladys





Oyella Gladys is the third of six children in her family. She was born on the 30th October 1999 and resides in Kitgum district, Northern Uganda. She attended school at Uganda martyrs centenary school, Kitgum comprehensive college, and is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree of arts in social sciences majoring in Gender and Development at Makerere University. She is a scholar under the MasterCard scholarship program at Makerere University. Gladys has been a leader since her high school representing students at the district council, she is a Rotaractor and is passionate about girl child education and creating positive change in the society. She is currently a member of Tembo youth who airs out on Tembo radio to sensitize masses and create awareness on issues that cause positive change and a member of Northern Uganda Students’ Debate Forum.