Oluwafolajimi Adesanya


Oluwafolajimi Adesanya




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Folajimi Adesanya is a Medical Doctor in training and a Policy Enthusiast who believes in the potential of young Nigerians like himself in being catalysts of positive transformation in the African society. He has over three years of experience in Mentorship, Capacity Building, Libertarian Movement and as a Social Entrepreneur. He is the Founder/Chief Administrator of The Panacea Project, an organization that is committed to identifying societal problems to the end of proferring workable solutions to these problems. He is a 2018 Fellow of the American Government’s Young African Leaders’ Initiative (YALI) West African Regional Leadership Centre (RLC), a 2018 Alumnus of the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) and a 2018 member of the Association for Medical Education in Europe Student Taskforce in Basel, Switzerland. Through the Clean City Initiative, he hopes to redefine the plastic waste management system in the city of Ibadan.