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Nour Al-Bidewe




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Nour Al-Bidewe is a computer science student at the American University of Beirut. Nour is Syrian and she has been living in Lebanon since 2012.She got a full merit scholarship from Mastercard foundation. Nour envisions using technology and coding in building youth active personalities. She looks forward for empowering women’s personalities and equipping them with technical skills.Nour is skilled in leadership, communication, project management and teamwork. She organized different events with many NGOs including MMKN NGO and volunteered with Article26 backpack as a guide, Red Cross,Change Makers, and many others.She has a good experience in research where she got the award of Partner Research Project at AUB. She believes in education as a main tool for reconstructing Syria economically and socially. Nour thought, with her leading colleagues, of integrating her domain to support Syrian refugees get adapted to the hosting country’s curriculum using the new socio-educational app EduPass.