Nora Benson


Nora Benson





Nora Benson is a junior in the University of Illinois General Engineering program with a concentration in Design and minors in Innovation and International Engineering.  She has a long-standing interest in business development and designing for good and has worked with various organizations on international design projects including assisting with the design and building of a suspension bridge for a rural community in Yunnan, China, prototyping and assembling prosthetic arms for non-profit design studio Bump, and helping develop new product lines and review cultural workshops for Global Mamas in Ghana. While traveling the world with Semester at Sea, Nora helped develop the Bee the Change organization, with friends and fellow students Dawn Musil and Hayley Gocha.  She is excited to have had the project selected for a fellowship and looking forward to meeting more people interested in changing the world for good through the Resolution Project.