Nahom Wodajo

Nahom Wodajo

Nahom Wodajo





Nahom Zeleke is a graduate from Addis Ababa University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is co-founder of Addis Sustainable Life (ASL) – a recycling start-up company and campus-sustainability program. His project engages volunteers in creative campus waste management, markets biodegradable products and executes various campus sustainability campaigns for Addis Ababa University.

Nahom founded the first university-level Model UN program for Addis Ababa University and served as its president until 2014. He led the Regional Youth Convention for Climate Change Negotiations held in Addis Ababa – April 2015. He was nominated as Program Coordinator for the Youth Negotiation on Climate Change Convention (YNCCC) – a program under the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center (HoA-REC). His youth-led initiative empowers the next generation of African‘s Climate Negotiators, who strive to lead the ongoing climate negations on behalf of least developed countries. The draft African Youth Position for Climate Action is to be presented on behalf of civil society working groups during the COP 21 negotiations in Paris.