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Mojia Shen was born and raised in Qinhuangdao, China. In 2012, she was selected to represent China in United World College-USA, together with 200 students from 80 countries. In 2014, she entered Wellesley College, studying economics and psychology. Revive, her Commitment to Action to Clinton Global Initiative University 2015, will become the first non-profit organization in China that provides free psychological counseling and related services to families who have lost their only child.Furthermore, she is also the founder and team leader of social business Restaurante Volando. It establishes an online platform for unemployed women in Monterrey, Mexico, to sell and deliver their homemade low-cost cuisine to customers. Passionate about women’s empowerment, she was chosen as the delegate for China in the G(irls) 20 Summit 2015 in Istanbul Turkey. There, 27 delegates from the G20 countries and beyond will discuss approaches to bring the world closer to gender equality.