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Mohamed Jama was born and raised in Sanaag Province, Somaliland. He started his first school in a typical Somali village about 100km southwest of Erigavo. He moved to Eilafwein for elementary school and started participating in student government eventually becoming the student government president. Ever since, he has been involved in leadership coordinating number clubs in high school, Abaarso Tech. He is currently a Mastercard scholar and a fourth-year student at EARTH University in Costa Rica pursuing a BSc. in General Agriculture and Natural Resource Management.

He has a keen interest in irrigation and plant hydrology management, precision agriculture, particularly in water resources better usage. He is currently working on a research project with his colleague Abdirashiid Muhumed Hassan at Earth University evaluating the application of deferent fertilizers concentrations with irrigation water, study its impact on plant physiology and its effects on the production of five crop species.