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Michael is a Rice University graduate with a degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, and is a member of Team Bebevoros, creators of the Babymetrix device. As a first generation African-American, he would often witness health care disparities in the developing worlds while visiting extended family. However, it was only after taking an introductory global health college course that he realized he could help play a part in reducing these disparities.

Since graduating in May 2015, Michael has been working as a Cancer Research Training Fellow at the National Cancer Institute’s Center of Global Health. This role has allowed him to expand his understanding of the unique health issues present in low-and-middle income nations. In the Fall, he will begin attending medical school, where he hopes to continue gaining skills to improve health outcomes across the global community.

Michael and his teammates are grateful for the support shown by the Resolution Project, which has allowed them to continue optimizing their device into a real solution for childhood malnutrition diagnosis in the low-resource areas.