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Medha Reddy





Medha Reddy is currently a sophomore at the University of Chicago. Her work has strived to advocate for those underrepresented in government. Medha’s interest in government and politics began upon her visit to the White House in 2009, where President Bush recognized her and her peer’s volunteer efforts at the annual Turkey Pardoning. Since these early experiences, she has become the Chief Operating Officer at Youth for National Change, Public Outreach Chair for the Governor’s Youth Advisory Council, Executive Board Member of a non-profit dedicated to eradicating LGBTQ homelessness, member of the Maryland Healthcare Transition Leadership team, and Founder and President of Maryland Youth Legislative Councils, which seeks to increase youth involvement in the political process. Medha continues to advocate for gender equality and women’s representation in government and politics through her venture “Leading Women of Tomorrow”, the United Nation’s He for She campaign, and the National Organization of Women.