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Masateru Honest Mwambo




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Born as a firstborn among five children, Masateru has been raised as a pioneer among his siblings on the path of education. While his childhood was filled with family economic challenges, where his presence in school the next day was unpredictable, he has depended on his childhood hobbies that are academic-related to excel unceasingly in education. Aware of the challenges that come with education in his community, in Malawi, he has built interest in discovering appropriate paths for children and youths, from economic challenging backgrounds, to find their way to excellent education and true happiness. Masateru is the director of Women for Peace Library, a place designed for children and youths to explore academic hobbies, from reading novels, poetry, to computer-based hobbies, for free. At home, he is a core member of a family small-scale bakery. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Ashesi University.