Marie Aimée Nirere

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Marie Aimée Nirere





Marie Aimée Nirere is a Rwandan Mastercard Foundation scholar at Ashesi University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is keen on making people happy and eradicating hunger and poverty in her community by pursuing a career in agriculture. The spirit of helping people made her an active member of a non-profit organization called Red Cross Rwanda. She has received basic first aid training based on Physical Traumatism Care. Due to her enthusiasm and demonstrated curiosity, she received an award for computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from her former High school at E.SC Des Musanze. To reinforce her skills, Aimée has interned in Oryx Energies Rwanda in the finance and accounting department. Aimée is currently a co-founder of the project named Healthy_Us that won the Resolution project competition that seeks to eradicate poor nutrition in orphan children. Aimée volunteers at the Ashesi Leo Estate club, where is gaining the requisite skills that will make her community and the world a better place to live.