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Lydia Ignacia




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Lydia Ignacia is working with Andika Dwiparana Suherman Natawiria on House of Angklung Surabaya Venture. In accordance with the phrase, “You are never too young to change the world”, The Resolution Fellowship enables both of them to kick start their venture right now.

Lydia was graduated from Chemical Engineering Major, Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2015. She worked on hydrogen production for her final project in university. Having learnt Chemical Engineering, Lydia finds the thinking process is extremely useful, particularly because she is always eager to learn new things, challenge herself and deliver positive impact.

In the beginning, Lydia was not interested in entrepreneurship, but she ended up picking entrepreneurship as one of her interests after getting exposed more often to it. Her other interests are problem-solving, backpacking, and writing/blogging. Currently, Lydia is in the progress of writing her first book.