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Luisa Reyes





Luisa Sophia Reyes is a Davis Scholar majoring in Economics at Wellesley College. She is the Founder of Sisterwork, a young women’s leadership and career development program to empower economic mobility in New Brunswick, NJ. She brings experience in start-up business development, non-profit program coordination, and development of new initiatives to support her work and team at Sisterwork. She draws inspiration from her life experiences, community and passion to create tools, spaces and stronger systems that empower women and youth. Her passions sparked as a kid when she began selling fair-trade crafts with her mother to support a women’s cooperative of internal refugees who had resettled in Lima and Tambogrande, Perú. An alumna of the African Leadership Academy in South Africa, Luisa believes that change starts with people and that a more just world is possible. At Wellesley, she is a Campus Representative for Clinton Global Initiative University and Class Senator for Davis Scholars. She will graduate in December 2019.