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Born in Nigeria, Love moved to Senegal with her missionary parents at the age of eight. In rural Senegal, she was exposed to health and socio-economic disparities. She, therefore, decided to devote her life to bridge the disparities. In pursuit of this, she is at St. Olaf College now working towards a bachelor degree in Public Health. On campus, she volunteers with Feed My Starving Children and Northfield Hospital Long Term Care Centre. Supervised by a faculty member, she conducted research into stress among freshmen. She represented the international student community in the Senate 2012-13.  She is currently a member of the St. Olaf-inspired Leaders for Social Change program. During the summer of 2013, Love won a $10,000 Davis Peace Grant to execute public health and poverty alleviation projects in Lambaneme. For sustainability, she founded Diam Rekk Projects, an organization that empowers women in sub-Saharan Africa to make improved health decisions.