Louise Emmanuelle Mabulo


Louise Emmanuelle Mabulo





Louise Mabulo is a chef, competitive archer, entrepreneur and agriculture advocate. She ensured herself a promising future in culinary arts when she became a Junior MasterChef Finalist in 2011 and bagged the Best Dessert in Asia Award at the Disciples des Escoffier Young Talent Trophy at the Hong Kong Food and Beverage Expo in 2015. Now, Louise manages and is the executive chef of her own culinary lounge, where she hosts cooking workshops and private dinners, whips up culinary delights using locally farmed produce, and bakes sumptuous pastries. Her love for agriculture comes from her view of the farmlands from her home, where she witnesses the gripping social issues which she can help solve. Louise hopes to one day revolutionize her country’s agriculture and food security scene, to play a prime role in her country toward positive and sustainable change, and to inspire others to follow her lead.