Lebasha Lucia Epur


Lebasha Lucia Epur





Lucia is a Kenyan Master Card Foundation Scholar and a student at EARTH University in Costa Rica, where she studies a Licenciature degree in agriculture, equivalent to a B.Sc.(Ag. ). Moved by the effects of hunger in Kenya´s northern regions she obtained a greater passion for agriculture, especially for the Arid and semi-arid lands. She is focused on using the knowledge she learned at the university to transform these areas. She strongly believes in the possibility of farming in Northern Kenya and expresses her thoughts and opinions through writing of blogs. She also writes in two local monthly newsletters in Kenya. She is the finance manager and co-founder of JUSE, a Company at EARTH University which is dedicated to Agro-tourism and offers educational workshops on agriculture and animal production to both local Costa Ricans and also international visitors.  She is the founder of Save The Pastoralist Initiative which is aimed at improving the lives of the pastoral communities of northern Kenya through merging of the pastoral way of life with arid agriculture, with an aim of enhancing food production in these areas and reducing deaths due to hunger and malnutrition. She will be graduating in December of 2017.