Leah Costanzo

Leah Costanzo

Leah Costanzo





Leah received a double degree in Law and Commerce at the University of Adelaide, majoring in management.  She also received in her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice in 2015 from Australian National University. She has always been concerned about human rights, as exemplified by her involvement in various clubs such as Amnesty International. Whilst being involved in these clubs, she has helped to raise funds and awareness for pressing social issues. Leah is very passionate about the fundamental goal of Play Forward; enhancing the rights of impoverished and disadvantaged children. While living in Cairns in Far North Queensland, she witnessed the inequality and constant degradation of human rights, especially in young aboriginal children. Leah firmly believes that current methods of helping these children are inadequate and need to be improved, by focusing on fun and empowerment. Through being involved in Play Forward, Leah has been able to put into practice the theories she has learned in management and the principles she has learned in law.

She works in Melbourne as a staffing and recruiting consultant, specializing in the property, real estate, and industrial sectors.