Kofi Darfour Boakye-Appiah


Kofi Darfour Boakye-Appiah





Kofi is an aspiring Electrical Engineer and SDG advocate. Making the world a safe place for future generations to come and putting a smile on a person’s face by any legal means possible are the main driving forces behind his actions. It is with this mindset that he joined in the starting of The PADucation Project Social Venture, which seeks to provide young girls in a certain poor community in Ghana with sanitary pads to enable them to go to school and with confidence for that matter. It also seeks to empower these young girls to break the social construct in that community which limits them to being housewives or fishmongers. Kofi is also a part of the Needs For Streets NGO which also shares clothes and food for parents and children on the streets of Tema (Ghana) on the 26th of December every year. Kofi is an avid reader who also loves to swim or play the guitar during his leisure time.