Kayiza Isma


Kayiza Isma





Kayiza Isma is 23 years old and from Uganda. He joined the MasterCard Scholarship Program at BRAC Uganda and, through its aid, completed his Advanced level of Education at Seroma Christian High School. He then again applied for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program at Makerere University, where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Health and Management. He plans to specialize in Community Conservation at Masters level. 

Kayiza is currently the president of the Makerere University Wildlife Health and Management Student Association (MUWHMSA) and also the financial minister at the university’s College of Veterinary Medicine Animal Resources and Bio-security (COVABS). In addition, he is the current speaker of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars’ Association at Makerere University. 

Kayiza founded his venture, Sparky Thermal Dehydrator, in order to help reduce hunger and starvation in Uganda. He won his Resolution Fellowship at the 2017 Baobab Summit in Johannesburg.