Kaweesi Edwin


Kaweesi Edwin





Kaweesi Edwin is currently a student at Makerere University pursuing an undergraduate degree in social work and social administration. He is a co-founder of Kwesa Organic products which is waste management venture in the slums of Kampala based in Namuwongo slum. Edwin’s goal is to see his community changed and that is why he is working so hard to see that he contributes to his community’s social development. He is a passionate leader and a mentor of very many young people including friends around him. Edwin has been in different positions of leadership in both high school and the university and he now serves as the Deputy General Secretary of the Makerere University College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Finance Minister of Makerere University School of Social Sciences. He values justice, peace, love integrity, and hard work so much. He has also served as a mentor at the Foundations for All program.