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Kataike Viola





Kataike Viola is the co-Founder of A HAND FOR A REFUGEE. She was born on the 22nd of June, 2000, and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology at Makerere University Uganda. Growing up in a less privileged region of Uganda motivated her to become a change agent that will transform communities which explains why she believes in the power of giving back. Her vision and passion have been granted a blank cheque byMastercardscholars’ program where she is a beneficiary. She believes in the power of teamwork, consistency, resilience, and transformative leadership as key attributes of any successful community change agent. Kataike is the coordinator of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) under the Become a New Generation campaign (BANG) at Makerere University. She has been able to volunteer with Free2Live Uganda, Girls Alive Uganda, Red Cross, and Jinja Uganda for community service and watch. Her passions have been fulfilled because she has impacted a number of lives through peer mentoring and give back activities

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