Acen Kamilla


Acen Kamilla





Acen Kamilla is a finalist of Bachelor of commerce at Makerere university and also a Mastercard scholar fifth cohort. 

Kamilla is a single lady, a Ugandan by nationality and born from Kwania district. Kamilla was born in February 16th, 1998, in a family of 5 siblings, she happened to be the 5th born.

She was raised by a single parent who largely depends on Agriculture to support the family. Among her family members, Kamilla emerged to be the only child who attained higher level of education due to financial crisis.

Her journey of education was not easy but through the support of people she managed to complete her education.

Kamilla did Mathematics, Economics and Geography (MEG) combination in her high school and later was admitted for Bachelor of commerce at Makerere university in 2019 with Registration number 19/u/14086/eve. She completed her degree in 2022.

During the course of her final Year, Kamilla and her team applied for Resolution Project and their project emerged to be the one of the winning projects.

Kamilla is so passionate about creating positive change in her community through giveback. Her dreams is always to get a stable job and alongside own a business where she will be employing others.