Junyi Fei

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Junyi Fei





Junyi is majoring in Finance and Global Business with a minor in Social entrepreneurship at NYU Stern School of Business. She aspires to become a social entrepreneur and address world’s social issues via mission-driven technology. Her long-lasting desire of supporting left-behind children (whose parents migrate to large cities for higher-salary jobs and left them behind in countryside) in rural China stemmed from her parent’s charity: they adopted a left-behind girl after knowing that her parents died in an accident without leaving her any money. She founded Up For Sky, an organization that aims to improve left behind children’s psychological well being by providing long-term mentoring companionship. She believes long-term one-to-one mentorship experience helps left-behind children to regain parental love, care and guidance. In her spare time Junyi enjoys traveling, cooking and painting. She loves meeting new people, learning languages, exploring cultures and developing new skills.