Judith Lurit-Michael Lawrence

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Judith Lurit-Michael Lawrence





Judith is committed to identifying her community’s most pressing issues and dedicating herself to the identification of unique and efficient solutions to problems that she stands for. Judith is always in the search for cost-effective ways of ensuring lasting solutions to challenges such as health care problems and peace advocacy problems in her country and Africa at large. This is manifested through various projects she is involved in which have reached thousands of South Sudanese in very effective ways. These projects include raising awareness on vaccine-preventable diseases and delivery of the vaccine to leper communities in jubek state, projects that support girl-child education and eradication of early marriage and teenage pregnancy, peer counseling and mentorship programs.

Currently, Judith is committed to eradicating waterborne diseases in South Sudan through raising awareness and the production of earthenware water filters that can trap debris and bacteria as well as kill viruses.