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As a member of the Posse Foundation’s first Civic Engagement Posse at Mount Holyoke College, Jazmin has advocated for community involvement as a way to address inequalities within the social and political infrastructures that serve the public. Through this journey, Jazmin found her passion as an Environmental Studies major. From preserving ecosystems, keeping communities safe from pollution, and creatively addressing problems in developing countries, Jazmin thrives in immersing herself in an academic community which values that traditionally difficult to monetize. In order to gain a deeper understanding of modern day environmental issues, Jazmin has worked to build relationships with organic farmers and communities in South Florida, volunteered with wildlife rehabilitation in Costa Rica, and completed independant studies on conservation in the Brazilian Amazon. Jazmin returned home after graduation with the hopes of working on initiatives in her own community that will marry her education and experience to the problems that exist within Miami Dade County.