Jasmit Heera


Jasmit Heera





Jasmit is currently a first year medical student at the American University of Antigua, and previously attended the University of Ottawa, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. Additionally, she completed the Canadian Disaster and Humanitarian Response Training Program at McGill University, and in the future she aims to pursue a career in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief. 

Jasmit developed a keen interest in healthcare, particularly cardiovascular disease, during her years volunteering as a medic and working as a CPR instructor. This has led to the foundation of CardioRescue, a First aid and CPR training company, based in Montreal. The business model allowed the CardioRescue team to win second place at the Dobson Practicum $eed competition in spring 2015.

Jasmit hopes to use this experience to develop a sustainable educational platform in Punjab, India, to teach CPR and raise awareness about cardiovascular disease. Her dream is to decrease the incidence of deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest in India, which currently has the most cases of cardiovascular disease in the world.