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Ivo Giulietti is a 21 year old Italian/Salvadorean student currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business at Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios (ESEN). He lives in El Salvador and, along with his friends, is the founder of the 1st student association to promote the Model United Nations at a national level called MUN ESEN. He is currently the General Coordinator and is in charge of the logistics, sponsors, finance and marketing. His goal is to promote and influence the youth to gain interest in public topics of national and international relevance. As part of his mission he co-founded MUN for Everyone, which helps brilliant students without resources to attend this type of conferences to receive scholarships to attend workshops and finally participate in the MUN. In the future, he wants to participate in the economic growth of the country by promoting sustainable infrastructure development using the underground space.