Ishan Bahalkar


Ishan Bahalkar





Ishan is currently pursuing an undergraduate course in Mechatronics Engineering from NMIMS University along with studying for an Honors in Automation. Settled in India, he has aspirations to travel the globe with an interest to connect with and empower people, desiring to make a change on a global scale. He is a persistently inquisitive and ambitious innovator with an eye for uniqueness and the determination to push the boundaries. His interest also lies in literature with a broad scope of genres ranging from philosophy to economics. He aims to work in the sector of Technology and automobiles with the objective of opening a Tech Startup in the near future. Sustainability has sought prominence in every decision made laying the foundation for his interest in innovating in the sector. Certainly his social venture Antara is an embodiment of the aforementioned ideologies. He attempts to make a sincere effort to change the world: to make it a smarter, amicable, and responsible place to live in.